Weekend Chocolate Party With Prototypes

Tales from American Mold Company's Test Kitchen First, we want to emphasize, we are not chocolate makers or bakers. Please don't judge us too harshly...
Chocolate horses with mixed chocolate nibs

Tales from American Mold Company's Test Kitchen

Barbie-horse in white

First, we want to emphasize, we are not chocolate makers or bakers. Please don't judge us too harshly on our chocolate pouring technique. We are humble engineers and artists who enjoy eating chocolate. 

pouring chocolate into mold trays

However, we are professionals when it comes to custom making food-grade, quality molds, and we like any excuse to test out our castings during the prototype-phase to see how the end-product might look.

Yay, weekend amateur chocolate party at Nora's! 


Given our novice handling of chocolate, if we can produce these gorgeous chocolate-casts (see images), imagine how amazing and whimsical these horses will look in the hands of skilled chocolatiers. 

These show-stopping chocolates bring to life the beauty of the horses with some creative visioning and a lot of advanced technology.

chocolate horses with nibs

The concept behind everything we do at the American Mold Company centers around how our molds can be an artistic vehicle, each distinctly communicating an awe inspiring visual for virtually any occasion. 

Orange plated chocolate horses with nibs

Imagine handing over a piece of confectionary art that garners a "Wow!" every time. We love watching people's reactions after seeing our work for the first time. It never gets old.  

dark and white chocolate horse trio

Our imagery is detailed and capable of customization. We like to think we're raising the confectionary and craft molding bar to a new level of fun and sophistication.

So why horses to start? The American Mold Company LLC is based in Lexington, Kentucky which is considered the horse capital of the world. Horses (and bourbon) are a big deal. There are hundreds of horse-farms in the Bluegrass, and countless equine-centered events held in Kentucky every year. Think Derby (it traditionally runs the first Saturday in May, annually, at Churchill Downs in Louisville), Keeneland meets, and pedigree sales. 

While we can design just about anything, equine-themed, to start, made the most sense to us. As we grow, though, so will our catalog. 

Interested in learning more about us? We will be posting more content on the website along with blogs, and we certainly encourage you to contact us if you have questions or want to order custom designed molds for any occasion (e.g., business branding or promotional gifting, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, elevate your bourbon or wine tastings, desserts, etc.). 


clear horse mold prototypes

* Note the images of the clear molds seen in this post are for test purposes only. When molds are produced for clients, they are in pairs (each standard mold is a set of two identical impressions and not a mix of two different horses, in this use case).

- co-written and edited by Megan Charles

- images taken and edited by members of American Mold Company LLC. They are the property of American Mold Company LLC and should not be used or reproduced for use without permission.