Our Story

At Your Chocolate Gift, we believe that chocolate has the power to forge deeper connections, whether in personal or business settings. A simple smile can make a world of difference. That's why we offer delightful chocolate messages that touch the heart and leave a lasting impression. We're dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, fulfilling your chocolate cravings, and creating cherished memories.

With our talented chocolatiers and meticulous attention to detail, we go beyond the ordinary. Our handcrafted molds and chocolates redefine the art of chocolate consumption. Our exquisite filled chocolates are a feast for the eyes and taste buds, made with premium, fresh ingredients that are sure to please. Our exclusive Chit-Chat Chocolates foster meaningful conversations, celebrate connections, and provide comfort during life's challenges.

By producing our own molds in-house, we break the boundaries of imagination and offer truly customized chocolates. We invite you to explore the limitless possibilities of our creations. From Your Chocolate Gift, we extend our gratitude to everyone who has embraced our vision and helped us bring joy to people across the nation.

Meet The Founder

Nora Swanson

Nora is all about bringing the creative process into people's lives. After receiving her B.A. in Arts and Humanities Marketing and Management, she created her own career path by making things of beauty and inviting the people around her to experience the joy of exploration and nurturing their own artist and dreamer within.

Our Mission

Making Great Memories

At Your Chocolate Gift, we are in the business of helping you achieve your goals, satisfy your chocolate desires and make great memories along the way!

Nora holds to the notion that when the water comes in, all boats will rise. By creating partnerships within the business community, seeking out and employing talented individuals who don't fit the conventional mold themselves, this makes for a better company and a better way to bring innovative thinking into what we do every day. 

“It’s all about a meaningful connection to what you do and who you love. In the end, did you make a difference?”

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The Word Around Town


The Chit Chat Chocolates were perfect for my friend's birthday! The chocolate was high quality and tasted amazing. They arrived quickly and packaged well. Highly recommend for a unique gift!

Ashley H.
Los Angeles, CA

"The personalized chocolate bars were a hit at my friend's baby shower! The chocolate was delicious, and the design was adorable. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Will definitely order again!"

Jessica R.
Los Angeles, CA

"I ordered the Equine Boutique Bars for my daughter's horse-themed birthday party, and they were a huge hit! The design was perfect, and most importantly, my daughter loved them. Highly recommend for any equestrian event!"

Samantha T.
Los Angeles, CA