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Chocolate effectively addresses challenges and motivates action. At Your Chocolate Gift, we assist in achieving your goals and satisfying chocolate cravings. We streamline sales and design solutions tailored to your needs, solving business challenges.

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Exquisite Fair Trade Belgian Chocolate

Indulge in the exquisite experience of our pure Belgian chocolate, crafted with care from fair trade, sustainably sourced cocoa beans.

Order Approval & Payment

Approve the finalized chocolate design mockup and complete the payment.

File Retention

Digital design files are stored for one year, with an extension after each new order.

Ownership Rights

Logos and text provided remain the property of the original company.

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Discover the allure of our custom-made chocolates. Our mission is to maximize your ROI. With chocolate, we inspire action, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded market. Shop now with Your Chocolate Gift for unmatched quality and results.

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How It Works


Once we have a mock-up that we know will make a beautiful piece of chocolate collateral we will send you a copy for signing off and collect the total due on your order at that time.

Digital files will be kept for one year and will extend out for one year beyond the most current order. Physical materials will be kept for 6 months following the most current order.

Your Chocolate Gift has no rights or legal claims to any logo images or copy submitted to us by a client company or its representatives. 

All proposals, digital files and mold materials produced in the act of Your Chocolate Gift completing clients custom chocolate orders shall remain the property of Your Chocolate Gift. By signing your approval for this work to be completed, Your Chocolate Gift reserves the right to use all project imagery created by Your Chocolate Gift to promote Your Chocolate Gift in digital and print media unless permission is revoked in writing by the customer. 

Pricing and minimums

We send out our price list via email once you contact us to learn more.


We accept almost all file types; however, your logo itself may have characteristics that will need be slightly altered to transform into a cast chocolate bar. If it needs to be broken down into separate elements to read properly or needs simplifying without losing the essence, there will be more fees associated with it. 

Some fonts are not compatible with being legible in chocolate or don’t work with the software programs we use; in this case we will find the closest one and get your approval on it before we take more steps. 

Once the scope of the project is established, we will build an exact price quote that holds for 30 days.


As you can see from our examples, we love this part of the job!

Allowing some flexibility in how we do layouts will allow a smoother, less costly path to a finished bar, but we know sometimes it needs to be exact to what you send in.

If your project needs to be strictly adhered to in terms of rendering your art as submitted, we are happy to accommodate you, but if our standard chocolate bar dimensions must be altered to accommodate a particular design requirement, additional fees will be quoted. 


Business Bars 120 pieces full size bar. 5% price break on orders of 500+ pieces.

Business Bites – 100 Business card size. 5% price break on orders of 300 pieces.

Business Bits- 200 trade show treat sized. 5% price break on orders of 500 Pieces. 

Boutique bars-stock 25/custom 50

 Bourbon Blocks- Min 30 can mix and match sizes.

For bulk orders call for quote. 


If a project is cancelled prior to the physical production starts, a $100 portion is non-refundable to cover costs associated with file prep. 


Business To Business Bar:
1.97" x 4.92" x .22"

Business To Business Bite:
1.97" x 3.54" x .22"

Business To Business Bit:

1.57" x 1.57" x .22"

Perfect for Any Special Occasion

Treat yourself or a loved one with our artisanal chocolate bars. Perfect for any occasion, they promise pure bliss. Explore now for a taste of delight.

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“The Chit Chat Chocolates were perfect for my friend's birthday! The chocolate was high quality and tasted amazing. They arrived quickly and packaged well. Highly recommend for a uniqued gift!”

Ashley H.
Los Angeles, CA

“The personalized chocolate bars were a hit at my friend's baby shower! The chocolate was delicious, and the design adorable. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Will order!”

Jessica R.
Los Angeles, CA

"I ordered the Equine Boutique Bars for my daughter's birthday party, and they were a huge hit! The design was perfect, and my daughter loved them. Highly recommend for any special event!”

Samantha T.
Los Angeles, CA